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Towed and Stored – It’s that simple!

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Living a fast life?

We often proudly say that we live in a digital era where the fast beats the slow. Unknowingly, we entered the realm of digitalization where pace plays a crucial part in our existence as technology rapidly transformed. When life, in general, has picked up great speed, little can be done other than participating with the change wholeheartedly. Now, this holds true especially when relocating or shifting either home or office furniture, cables, and hardware, or important documents – since there might be a need to store valuables temporarily.

Store with trust!

Relocation of the office can be tedious and stressful. The importance of storing paperwork and documentation is often overlooked since most of the work happens digitally in a paperless environment. However, vital documents both in the workplace and personal space still do exist. 

Storing important business documents and infrastructure with proper packing and movement is a complete process in itself. Hence, trust plays a vital part. Over the years we gained that trust with efficient, reliable, and affordable storage with an end-to-end solution. Unlike the nature of complexity that involves handling and storing critical belongings, our state-of-the-art process is robust enough to minimize the challenges.  Our trained professionals ensure that your fragile items are securely packed and stored to deliver back to you in their original condition when it is time.

Concept of storing – simplified

We understand your time constraints in participating in the process of packing, storing, transporting, and delivering. Hence, we at Stowd simplified the process in four steps. The first step is where you connect with us through our website to schedule a visit from our professional. At this phase itself, the pick-up is usually arranged based on a customized quotation to suit your requirement as well as budget. In the next step, your items are picked at the scheduled date from the booked location. While picking your items, our experts carefully pack the same with video confirmation of the items packed. This is followed by our representative itemizing the stuff picked for insurance in case of any damage due to natural calamities.

In the third step, the packed items are transported to our warehouse to be stowed with caution in a co-warehousing approach where your belongings with others would be stored with utmost security. We offer co-warehousing solutions to our clients so that storage facilities can be enjoyed at a lower cost. However, as mentioned earlier, we treat each client with respect so your storage security and confidentiality are our top priority. With these three simple steps, your storage is our concern. Once you need your item back just connect with us again so that we can return your belongings on a scheduled date and location. 

Final word!

Just like people say, “there is beauty in simplicity”, make life simpler and more productive with our comprehensive and convenient storage solution.

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