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Tips for packing your home while moving

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The excitement of moving to a new place and starting afresh is a great feeling. But what comes along are the hassles of packing and unpacking, dampening our spirit. 

What if packing was made more fun and easily manageable. We’ve curated a guide on how to make packing easier and enjoyable.

  • Start with Decluttering

Take a minute to relax and glance through everything you have. Separate everything that’s unnecessary or has little to no purpose in your life. The more clutter-free you are, the better and brighter your new space will feel.

Pro Tip: Rather than throwing it all away, donate them. A natural mood-enhancing task for sure.

  • List out the essentials.

Make a list of everything you will need as soon as you move to your new place. It is recommended you pack those things within reachable distance unless you go through numerous packages to reach for clothes to change into.

Pro tip: Always pack all your important documents together in a single box.

  • Keep all the packing equipment handy.

Packing equipment is a fundamental necessity. Scissors, ropes, paper cutters, duct tapes, glue, labelling stickers and bubble wraps are few necessities to keep handy. Add enough packing boxes of multiple sizes to the list, so you do not have to rush out to get a few more midway through packing.

  • Label everything 

The chances are that all your packing boxes will look identical, irrespective of their sizes. To avoid confusion, label each box once you are done packing. Make sure to mark them as fragile in case of glassware and electronics. 

  • Pack the heaviest first

For better stability and protect lighter goods from bending or breaking, always place the heavier goods at the bottom of the packing boxes and the more delicate objects towards the top. Add bubble wraps or clothing items in between the things to act as a buffer. 

Pro Tip: For extra safety, categorize your goods into breakable and unbreakable before packing them in a box.

  • Dedicate space and time for packing

Packing needs time and effort. Rather than doing it all in a rush at the last moment, start a few weeks beforehand. Designate a large enough space and a few hours each day solely to pack your home. 

Pro Tip: Start packing room-wise rather than doing it all together.

  • Finalize your logistics beforehand

The biggest mistake we make while packing before moving out is forgetting about the logistics. Do you plan to hire a moving van, or do it yourself? If you plan to hire someone else to move your belongings from point A to point B, informing them in advance is a wiser choice. Unless you want to hear them say they are unavailable on the moving date of your choice, book reliable and well-researched movers for the job.

The phrase ‘Pack and Move’ is easier to follow when you know the what and the how. Yes, packing and moving is bothersome, but it’s easier to do it if you know what you have to do and where to begin.

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