Moving out of the city, or moving to a new house or just looking for additional storage space to free up some space at your homes? Storage Services are here to your rescue! ​

Temporary storage solutions are the need of the hour especially for today’s cramped up urban homes. Real estate has become extremely expensive and more often than not, you will find yourself in need for space inside your houses to store those seasonal items. With temporary storage solutions provided by Stowd, you can just stow away your items for a short time and call them back as and when required.

These storage services help you save huge and guarantee peace of mind with their security and round the clock surveillance.

Cost Savings With Storage Services- Save on your monthly rentals

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With the Covid pandemic, most of us have gone back to our hometowns and are working from home. But we still end up spending on our rentals just for keeping our items at our Flat/ PG. With temporary storage services, you can save up to 90% on your monthly rentals. Extrapolate these savings over an entire year, you are looking at huge savings.

Cost Savings With Storage Services- Electricity and maintenance charges

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With most of us back home, we still end up paying fixed maintenance and electricity charges even though we are not here to use any of the services. Store your items with storage service providers and you can save 100% of your electricity and maintenance charges every month!

Moving Houses

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Moving houses within a city? You don’t need to pay rentals for both the houses – your old and your new one – while you are shifting out. Just opt for temporary storage services till the time your new house is ready!


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Relocating to a new city, but do not have a space yet? Store your items for a temporary period till you find yourself a new space in town!