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The Stowd Story

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Best Storage Services in Bangalore


Throughout our life, be it personal or professional, we establish connections with physical objects or, better yet, accumulate belongings through interactions and need. So storing personal objects or business files become a priority at some point in time, especially if there is a lack of storage space. Stowd brings in an end-to-end solution to any storage need with safety, reliability, and affordability, just like it is once said by an English Journalist, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

Still unsure why you need us?

The need for external storage occurs due to several reasons. Think of a scenario where an individual needs to relocate at a short notice and lacks any suitable plan to keep certain household items or furniture safe till the time of return. Again, during a workspace relocation; often old office premises are abandoned months before the new workspace comes into the picture. During that time frame, it is pertinent that whether be it important documents, office files or racks, desks, computers, cables, and cabinets – they need to be stored with caution and in a secured environment. We at Stowd create that secured and robust storage space that enhances the trust and dependability of our clients.

We care!

Over all these years, we gradually built the trust so that our clients can entrust us with expensive and fragile household items, valuable business infrastructure including furniture, computers, and networking equipment, confidential documents, and automobiles. It is the service quality along with consistent support that enhanced the faith our customers have in us. We ensure that all the items picked are insured and professionally packed with utmost care. Video confirmation of the same generates a bigger impact empowering us with the impression of integrity. As a part of ownership, we also conduct regular pest control in our storage facility.

Store with ease and flexibility

Now, you must be wondering how convenient it will be to store your possessions with Stowd. The approach is transparent; hence it can ensure the best possible solution for both your personal as well as business storage. Based on individual requirements, a team of representatives conducts a site visit to understand your specific necessity as well as constraints and offer a customized quote. Post your confirmation, a pickup of the things that need storing is scheduled, followed by safe packing and pickup from the desired location. Security is our top priority so, your belongings are then stored with attention within our secured premise along with insurance coverage. During the time your possessions are stored with us, we guarantee complete protection till we return your items at the requested location.

Storage at its best!

During this pandemic, time stop paying rent to keep your belongings, instead opt for a co-warehousing solution to optimize both space and money. Hence, choose an all-encompassing storage solution today with Stowd.

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