Stowd Storage Box is your ultimate self-storage option to help you declutter your space. Be it your wedding attire, your seasonal clothing, your books, novels, or those trophies you had won at school – Stowd Box Storage Service allows you to make more space at home while preserving all your memories. ​

Just order your boxes from Stowd, fill them with your items, seal and give us a callback. Our representatives shall pick up these boxes from your doorstep and store them at our state-of-the-art warehouse – safely and securely. And the best part is that you can call back for any of your boxes when you need them at any point in time. ​

So, let your home breathe free - Store the excess stuff at Stowd. ​


◆ Wedding Clothes
◆ Seasonal Clothes
◆ Art and Valuables
◆ Kids Toys

◆ Documents
◆ Novels, Books, etc.
◆ Memorabilia
◆ Collectibles

◆ Photo Albums
◆ Decorations
◆ Trophies, Awards, etc.
And A Whole Lot More!




Order as many boxes you need



Simply pack and seal your boxes



We pickup and store the boxes



Call for the boxes when required

Safe & Secure | Flexible | Versatile | De-clutter


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stowd Self-Storage Box?

Stowd Self-Storage Box is an innovative box storage service that helps you store your smaller items. You can use them to store your seasonal clothes, wedding attire, albums, books, documents, and a whole lot more.

This is especially useful for those who do not need a large space for storage. The best part is you can call back for your stuff whenever you need it.

These boxes are sealable and extremely rigid to keep all your items safe.

Why use Stowd Box Storage?

We all have items that we rarely use or “will need in the future” but are unwilling to dispose of; Stowd Box Storage Service is designed perfectly to cater to these needs. Stowd has launched this innovative service to help you declutter your space while keeping your memories and valuables safely. Whether it’s your old slam books, or your priceless coin collection we’re here to help you out!

How does it work?

All you need to do is:

● Go to our “Box Storage” (link) section 
● Order as many boxes that you need
● Fill up the boxes with your things when they arrive
● Take a picture of the filled up box
● Upload the pictures to your space valet account online
● Wait for us to come over and pick up the boxes
● Go online and just choose which boxes you need back and when

And you’re done! 🙂

What is the size of each Stowd Storage Box? What if I ordered 3 boxes and realized I need only 2?

Each of our boxes measures –
605 MM X 400 MM X 325MM
(Approx. 2.78 Cubic Feet)

In case of any additional boxes, you can return them additional boxes at the time of pick-up of your box.

If you need any more information about our box please feel free to contact us directly on +91 80506 12961

How Much Does It Cost?

We have monthly storage rentals and charge Rs. 99/- per box per month. (GST Additional As Applicable) We also charge a one-time refundable security deposit of Rs. 1,000/- per box which shall be returned to you at the time of retrieval. We do have continuous offers and long-term storage packages. Feel free to ask us about any ongoing offers/ packages.

What if I have my own boxes?

Of course, we do offer a storage facility for your own boxes. You can visit our household-storage section to know more.

Can I come to the facility to access my box ?

Of course, you can! We’d love to show you around our state-of-the-art facility!

Just make sure you come with your valid ID and a prior intimation of 7 days on and you can get access to your boxes.

What all can I store? Are there any restrictions?

Books, Albums, Documents, Clothing, and a whole lot more – you can store it all.

Certain items like cash, ammunition, perishable items, etc. are however prohibited. Please visit our terms of service section to get a detailed list of items that are not allowed to be stored.

Is there any minimum/ maximum number of boxes I can store?

Absolutely not, there is no minimum or a maximum number of boxes that can be stored. You can store as many as you need for any duration desired.

Is there any minimum duration for storage?

Minimum duration for storage for a box is 2 months.