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Safe Storage Services For Your Storage Needs!

Turn your apartment from a cramped space into a spacious and cozy space for yourself! Store the items which you don't need with Stowd and make some space for yourself in your apartment. Right from packaging to stowing and delivering back when you need, your possessions stay safe and insured with us.

Fulfill all your temporary relocation, commercial, or urban needs without worrying for storage as we provide you with an extended storage space for all your stuff! Be it your furniture, business files/documents, wardrobe or any household items, we have got them #Stowd!

Based in Bangalore, Stowd is an exceptional end-to-end warehousing storage provider for your stuff, born to address the ever-rising demand of commercial and residential storage needs. Right from professional packaging to stowing and delivering back when you need, your belongings stay safe and insured with us.

We Offer:

- Household Storage

- Document Storage

- Automobile Storage

With our prompt pickup and delivery services, you can enjoy a hassle free and safe storage services. Our pocket-friendly and flexible payment plans enable you to pay storage rentals only as you use them. Isn’t it great?

We assure you; your stuff won’t get a chance to miss your home as we indeed make them feel at home. So, if you are planning to relocate on a temporary basis, or need an extra space for your household stuff, or are a bachelor/student on a space constraint, or need to save on

excessive rentals while you are away, or maybe if your office is overstuffed with files, documents and unwanted furniture, let them all be happily and safely #Stowd with us!

Let your stuff feel at home with us!



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