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Need to renovate my office, where do I keep my things?

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Just like the common saying, “There is always room for improvement”, – renovating a home, or an office space offers the scope for creativity and progress. Although the process of renovation is exciting, it can be highly stressful. Hence, it is essential to have a detailed plan of action before considering such a change.

Renew your office with a strategic plan

Compared to a living space renovation, office remodelling involves planning to ensure a seamless and successful modification without hampering the business workflow. To attain success in this field, any futuristic redesigning involves the employees of the office too. So, the first step is to prioritise the requirements, the basis on which a budget can be determined. Once the remodelling design is finalised as per the employee and business convenience, deciding on a timeline to finish the project is important that can be effectively communicated to all stakeholders to ensure parity. 

This renovation process is so overwhelming that it often skips our mind about the temporary relocation of office furniture, cupboards, files, and many such things that are an integral part of any operational business. Hence, any plan for office renovation should be pre-empted by a plan to store the office things in a safe and secured place throughout the renovation. 

Convenient storage option

Now, the question is where to store office furniture, cables, cupboards, racks, hardware, and essential files and documents temporarily while the office space is getting renovated. This is where we play your partner’s role in need, offering you a budget-friendly and secured area to store vital business documents and infrastructure. Our experience in keeping office infrastructure and crucial business documents with efficient packing and movement helped us gain expertise in storage. This allowed us to gain trust with an end-to-end solution that offers efficient, reliable, and affordable storage service to companies and individuals. Our staff follow a professional approach in securely packing, storing, and delivering your office items with a minimum time.

Brush aside your worry with four steps

A robust yet straightforward four-step process not only fits in your budget but also ensures timely packing, storing, transporting, and delivering. 

  1. A visit scheduled through the website can help you connect with us for our professional guidance.
  2. It is followed by the pick-up of the office items along with a customised quotation.
  3. Next the required items are picked from the office premise at the scheduled date. While packing the furniture or boxing the files and documents, our experts carefully check each item and shoot a video confirmation.
  4. Finally, the materials are picked up with insurance coverage.

Renovate with ease

While your office renovation is in progress, your office items will be safely transported to our warehouse to be stored with care. Also, our co-warehousing solution is a practical and budget-friendly solution that is especially effective for temporary storage.

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