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Moving to a new country? Store with Stowd.

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Given the current workforce scenario, moving away to cities beyond the borders of India has become an expected transition. The process of moving away to another country is strenuous enough but sorting the household goods before leaving is a far more bothersome deed. 

If you are moving away permanently, the leftover goods are easy to sort out and decide what to do. But about if you are planning to be back in a few years? 

If you have an apartment or a home, there is no issue, but what if not?

In case you stay in Bangalore, you have two choices.

a. Sell off what you think you may ot need in future and move the rest to your hometown. There are numerous highly recommended packers and movers in Bangalore to make the transition easier.

b. Get in touch with a long term storage facility and take an annual rental plan. Some of the best storage facilities in Bangalore offer numerous flexible plans and additional benefits for a combined nominal price.

Once you have sorted what you want to do, it’s time to get in touch with Stowd. It is one of India’s leading Self Storage services in Bangalore.

Wondering why you should opt for Stowd when there are so many reputable Storage warehouses in Bangalore?

World-Class security: Every Stowd Facility is lined up with high-end security features. In addition to the security guards posted all around the day, the 24 hrs CCTV surveillance in and around the warehouse property ensures everything is under strict watch at all times. The additional centralized locking adds an extra buffer to it all.

Stowd warehouse is built to withstand all kinds of weather and natural interference, so in case you are worried about rain flooding your storage unit or scorching heat melting things away, you can relax.

Multi-faceted storage option: It does not matter what you want to store away because there is a choice for every option. Household to furniture, there are separate storage facilities for everything. If you have a lot of essential paperwork and official goods, the Business Storage services in Bangalore offered by Stowd will keep them safe and secure for as long as you require. 

Flexible rental plans: Stowd offers their client a wide range of flexible rental plans to accommodate their needs. From monthly to quarterly or even yearly tenure, there is a perfect plan for everyone who opts to choose Stowd. Clients are their assets; hence Stowd believes in offering the best services in the market at a flexible price.

Assistance service for PAN India Connectivity: Stowd may operate from Bangalore, but it provides service all across the nation. Be it the Packers and Movers or the Storage Facility, Stowd and its services can be acquired from anywhere in the country. 

If these are not good enough reasons to choose Stowd, what else can it be? A reliable name in the industry with a spotless track record, you will never regret your decision if you choose Stowd. Let Stowd handle all the packing and moving hassle while you prepare yourself to move abroad.

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