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Let go or hoard? – It’s not an easy decision

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Let go or hoard? – It’s not an easy decision

Streamlining one’s belongings can be stressful, especially; when the objective is to discard things lying for a while. So, to let go or hoard is never an easy decision for anyone.

The need to hoard!

Human beings have a natural inclination towards acquiring and keeping things, be it necessary or not. But, has it ever happened to you that all of a sudden, you realise that, where did so much stuff come from, or has your storeroom ever overwhelmed you? Well! You are not alone. Every one of us, at some point in time, develop hoarding behaviour. Although it is challenging to demarcate especially personal belongings in the necessary and trash category yet, it is crucial to move on in life from one phase to another.

Truth about hoarding

Now, let’s understand the reason hoarding tendencies develop over the years. It is not an object that grows in value with time, but the memories attached to it make it difficult for the owner to discard certain possessions. However, such possessions with feelings grow in complexity, raising fear and parting issues in their holders. Hence, begins the story of hoarding things with the hope to use them sometime in the future.

Storing solution – because we care!

Realising the requirement of storing belongings, both necessary and junk, we at Stowd stand by you in times of uncertainty and during times when the decision to let go becomes tougher. For example, assume a situation where there is an urgent need to relocate to another location on short notice. In such a hurry, it is extremely difficult to take a decision to keep or discard objects or pile of papers that has been there for years. Therefore, to save your time and the emotional trauma to let go of an old belonging in a jiffy, we offer an affordable and reliable storing solution.

Again, the concept of hoarding is not only associated with personal belongings. Often office furniture, files, and documents too are stored with the perceived importance for future reference. When the office building shifts from one location to another, such stored items become an issue. Although it is a positive fact to let go of unused things, certain documents and files are necessary to store long-term employee and business records. Hence, to create that storage space for you, we encourage our clients to opt for our co-warehousing storage facility to cater to any storing need with care and simplicity.

Choose wisely

The decision to keep or let go is yours – Stowd is your support system in optimising the choice and helping you make the right decision without the fear or guilt of losing something worthwhile.

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