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I am moving to my native. Where do I store my household items for a month?

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Household Storage Services

It is often said that “happiness doesn’t have one address”. Relocating to hometown for a month is now possible due to the scope of working from home. So, let your storage partner take care of your things while you live your happy time. 

Storage to support your decision

Efficient storage options play an important part in the lives of the workforce making a living outside their hometown. Especially during this pandemic, the work culture of organizations across the world has drastically changed. It evolved from the aspect of working from the office to a whole new concept of working from home. Now, when working from home has become the new norm, the need to stay in a particular location due to professional requirements has also diminished. It is now the choice of individuals to work from the office location or their hometown. 

Save on rentals

As the COVID-19 struck hard, the need for a global lockdown surfaced, forcing professionals to work from home for an indefinite period. While on one hand, this enhanced the scope to improve the work-life balance, it also opened a new challenge of storing personal stuff without hassle. This is where the storage units come to the rescue with housing precious belongings when the workforce gives up its rented accommodation to continue working from native. Hence, the requirement is specific to storing household items in a secured environment when away from home. This contributes to saving on the apartment rentals for those who have assurance from the respective organizations to continue working from home. 

Choose a robust storage solution

The demand for storing stuff has increased over time. We understand the pain of relocating temporarily and undergoing the struggle of finding a safe place to store valuable goods. That is where our complete package of end-to-end storage solutions comes in handy, especially for people who are looking to relocate to their native and uncertain about giving their household furniture, crockeries, and other items a safe hideout. 

Our professionals are experts in storage solutions and ensure the safety of your goods under strict monitoring and maintenance of the warehouse facility. We understand people’s sentiments for their belongings and the emotional attachment they have with every household good,  

Store anything affordably 

To ensure a smooth process that gives you the convenience of storing your personal items in a pocket-friendly budget, and delivering it to your doorstep on your comeback, we have a foolproof, four-step process in place. 

  • Based on your requirement, you can schedule a pickup request on our website. 

Followed by the appointment, our professional shall visit you at the mentioned address, and provide you with a customized quote for the goods that you intend to store. The representative will then arrange a pick-up of the goods according to your chosen time slot.

  • Next, the items will be picked up from your location by our expert professionals bearing all safety measures in mind. While packing the goods and important boxes smaller in size, our team carefully keeps a note of each item and shoots a video for confirmation and security purposes.
  • Once packed, your things are stored in our highly secured warehouse on a co-sharing basis.
  • Upon your arrival, you can request a return of your stuff which will be delivered back to you with utmost care.

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