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How To Store Clothes for Future Use

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“I have enough clothes!” – Said no one ever!

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Being social animals, we need clothing as per various needs – party clothes, Indian occasion clothes, wedding clothes, brunch clothes, vacation clothes, winter clothes, summer clothes, lounge clothes, workout clothes, stay-at-home clothes, PHEW!! If our pocket allows, we sure could build a mansion just for clothes. Well, thanks to our wardrobe space constraints that keeps our shopping addiction at bay. However, there are times when you just cannot say goodbye to your old clothes while you bring in the new ones as you need to see them later. It could be either because you have a collection of vintage clothing and you need to keep them safe, or because you love your woollens and need them every winter or perhaps you need to keep your first baby clothes for the second little one.

Whatever the reason, we are sure you are in the lookout for preserving your clothes for long term and that’s exactly what got you to our page. So here are a few amazing tips on how to store your clothes for longer use.

How to Store Clothes You want to wear again?

It goes without saying that you have stored clothes only because you want to wear them again. Hence storing and packing them up well for hibernation is of utmost importance so as to save them from pests, silverfish, or foul smell. Here are different ways to pack them well –

1. You can use airtight bags to store and preserve various textiles. However in places with high humidity, avoid packing it in plastic bag or even airtight bags. Rather, in such environment storing them in plastic boxes will allow your clothes to breathe.

2. If you decide to store in cardboard boxes, make sure they are in a dry space or temperature-controlled room. Else they will easily get damaged if kept in a moist or poorly ventilated area. Cardboard boxes are thus preferable for short term uses.

3. Plastic containers/boxes are more durable and can be used in most storage areas, including basements, attics and garages. They are more reliable for long term storage as pests cannot get through the tightly closed lid of the container. However storing your clothes in plastic bags is a big NO as they do not allow the fabrics to breathe and that can lead to your clothes becoming moldy.

4. Warbrobe boxes are another useful way of storing clothes provided it is either lined with clean breathable fabric or acid free tissue paper as it allows throughout the garment.

How to Store Seasonal Clothes?

Seasonal Clothes Storage requires you to pick correct boxes as they indeed hibernate for a long time. Again, plastic containers are a better choice. Wash, dry and fold the seasonal pieces of clothing. Do not use hangers for heavy pieces of clothing or woollen wear because they will become loose and deformed with time. If you keep the clothes in an off-site storage container, you might want to check them up from time to time, if it’s allowed. You can also keep mothballs in them to keep the pests, silverfish and other bugs away.

Make an Inventory

Not only will making an inventory stop you from pulling your hair out with frustration further down the line when you are not sure what has been stored and what hasn’t, but it can save you money as well.

Choose a Suitable Storage Place

When it comes to clothes you will need to consider storing your clothes in a clean, cool, dark and dry storage space. Other things you should consider are accessibility and security.

For this we think that there is no better option out there than a storage unit! And that’s where we can help you out. We offer a range of storage options at Stowd that perfectly suit storing clothes long term. We have perfectly clean, dry and environment proof storage units. We have 24hr CCTV and individual storage space, and we are also in several fantastic locations around Bangalore. Don’t believe us? You can visit our website www.stowd.in and check out what our clients think of us. ?

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