What Is Stowd?

Stowd is a storage service provider with convenient storage solutions for your household, business and commercial needs at affordable prices.

How Does Stowd Work?

Just visit our website and request or a quote. Our team shall get in touch with our best quotes. Once confirmed, we shall book a pick-up slot for you, pack all your stuff safely and store your items at our premises!

What Items Can I Store?

Just about everything! Household Items, Business Inventory, Documents, etc. There are, however, a list of prohibited items that we cannot store for safety reasons. Please visit our terms of service for a detailed list of items that cannot be stored.

Pricing And Billing

How Much Does Stowd Cost?

Pricing will depend on the area required for the storage of your items. We try to minimize the space required by optimizing the floor space. Please refer to our pricing page for more information on our pricing terms.

How Do I Pay For My Storage?

An amount of Rs. 999 needs to be paid for confimation of your booking slot. Balance amount pertaining to logistics/ packing and first month's rent needs to be remitted at the time of pick-up of your items. Next month onwards, an automated bill shall be sent to you on a rolling basis and needs to be paid within 5 days from receipt of invocie.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Please reach out to us over mail at or over call +91 86606 55070 and let us know!

Do You Offer Ay Discounts?

We do indeed! - If you’re planning on storing with us for 6+ months, we can knock 10% off your package.


How Do You Store My Items?

Our professional removal teams take the upmost care of your belongings, moving these in and out of our van and then handing these over to our storage staff. Once they’ve reached the storage units, they are one-by-one moved into the space and then entered into our asset management system. Our operations team shall provide you with images of your stored items along with our storage unit maintenance sheets on a regular basis.

What About Insurance Of My Items?

Be rest assured, all your items are insured by us free of charge to you! In case you require additional insurance on top of what we have already insured for, please feel free to reach out to us!

Can I Visit The Storage Unit To Look At My Items?

Yes, of course. Please do let us know a week in advance in case you plan to visit any of our storage locations.

Where Are My Items Being Stored?

We on-board private properties, private storage spaces who conform to our safety and maintenance checklists. Our storage units are much safer compared to leaky warehouses which are more often than not - filled with roddents and pests! You are free to visit any of our units :)

Returning Items

How Do I Schedule Delivery Of My Items?

Please reach out to us over mail at and let us know when you want your items to be returned. We would appreciate if you could let us know at least 7 days prior the return date so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

How Long Does It Take For Returns?

We generally take about 3 days to return your items to the desired location within the city. In case we are overloaded, please bear with us!

Do I Have To Pay For Returns?

Return of your items will incur an additional transportation charge based on the distance from our storage units to your delivery location. We try to keep your items as close as possible to your original pick-up location to minimize the logisitcs costs. Again, transportation can also be arranged from your side.

Packaging and Logistics

How Does Stowd Pack My Items?

All your items shall be securely packed by our logistics team. In case you do not require packing (or shall be packing by yourself), please ensure all the items are packed thoroughly to ensure safe storage!

Does Stowd Help Me Pack All The Items?

Yes, we do! Packing can also be done by yourself.

How Do I Schedule A Pick-Up?

Just visit our website and request for a quote. Our team shall get in touch with our best quotes. Once confirmed, we shall book a pick-up slot for you, pack all your stuff safely and store your items at our premises!

Can I Pack and Arrange For Transport By Myself?

Packaging and Transportation are optional and can be done by your side as well. We will provide you the address of our storage locations where they can be shipped to directly.