Everyone Needs Extra Space!

Do you always reluctantly get rid of things because you do not have sufficient storage space at your place? Maybe your garage, or your basement, or your closet is overflowing with items which you can’t do without; and in such a case, any unfortunate circumstance – a flood, rats, etc. – can just ruin all your stuff. You probably have some seasonal stuff which you do not need for the nest 6 months and just don’t have space to keep it at your expensive real estate. Whatever the reason – there’s nothing more flexible, convenient and affordable than temporary storage service providers like Stowd!

What is Self-Storage?

Self-storage is a concept where we provide customers
to rent extra space for their household, business or
inventory needs on a temporary basis, usually on a
month-to-month basis. This is extremely useful for
today’s urban household needs, who often find
themselves cramped up inside their expensive homes. ​

They are usually flexible – allowing customers to pay
on a pay as you use model – just pay for the number of
days you need and for the square feet you use.
This provides an extremely affordable and convenient
option to customers to store their excess stuff at
affordable prices.

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These storage units are extremely well-maintained with round the clock security and regular pest management.

Typical Uses Of Self-Storage :

There are varied requirements for self-storage and can be listed as below :


People usually look for some temporary storage for their household goods – For 15-20 days usually, while moving withing cities and also inter-cities. This is perhaps the most common reason people need storage. The process of moving is never easy nor fun. The logistics, packing and heckling can be stressful and tedious. Self-storage offers a safe and convenient solution to an otherwise painful process.

Renovating or Refurbishing

Everyone one to refresh the look of their homes every now and then, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. In fact, refurbishing your house can be extremely challenging – both mentally and physically. While remodelling, you often come across items for which you are unable to find space but just cannot sell/ trash them. Also, while refurbishing, people need some temporary space to store their items before they can bring them back in, into their remodelled houses. A temporary storage facility like Stowd can solve all these issues at affordable prices.


No one likes to downsize, but sometimes it becomes necessary. Whether you are relocating to a smaller home, or are downsizing your business temporarily, temporary storage solutions like Stowd do come in handy. The best way to deal with it is to get rid of all the items you don’t need. But it isn’t that easy – Maybe there’s some emotional attachment or maybe you will need your things back after a few months. Temporary storage services are quite useful in these circumstances.

Your Second Kid!

You have wondered for sure; your kid’s stuff takes up more space in your house that that of your own! Raising a kid can be the most rewarding experience you can ever have – but it can be equally challenging. You probably have 1 room’s space of kid-stuff lying around in your house – something which you will need all back when your second kid comes along. But how do you manage for the period in between. This is where storage service providers’ come to your rescue. You can just stow away your kid’s toys and clothes and can call them all back when you need it! Isn’t this convenient?

College Summers

Staying in a PG or a student hostel – students can save massively by moving their stuff to a temporary storage while they are back in their hometowns. With temporary storage service providers like Stowd, there’s no need to unnecessarily pay rent just for your stuff while you are back home.


Unfortunately, there are those times where life throws a curve-ball
at us and an unexpected event suddenly disrupts our life.
Time like the Coronavirus Crisis, call for quick action and
reliable storage solutions and for many of us self-storage provides
exactly that.

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