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5 Brilliant Organising Ideas To Keep Your Wardrobe Neat and Spacious

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Have you ever rifled endlessly through your wardrobe in search of your favourite dress for a date night or for a special occasion? Or may be tried to scout your kid’s school socks in their mess of clothes? Well, needless to say, no matter how much you try, wardrobes have a mind of their own which is difficult to control and work on the mess every time and every day.

But we can help you get through this mess! Want to know how? Keep reading further to know about organising ideas that will help keep your wardrobe neat and create space for more stuff.

1. Empty and Clean Your Wardrobe

The first and the foremost step to getting organised is to remove all the clothes from your wardrobe and clean the walls and the shelves properly. This will of course make your wardrobe spick and span but will also help you segregate which clothes you want to keep and which you want to discard or donate.

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2. Categorize your Clothes

Next step is to categorize your clothes. It could be anything as per your convenience. For example – you can segregate your summer tops and dresses, winter wear, daily kurtis, loungewear, jeans and pants, shirts and t-shirts, heavy Indian outfit etc. It is a good idea to invest in wardrobe organisers where you can easily categorize and store your clothes in respective boxes. This will also help you to save on time from tracking down your favourite dress.

3. Categories your Accessories

Again, categorizing your shoes, belts, inner wear, handbags, jewellery, etc. and storing them in respective organisers is a brilliant way to save your wardrobe from the mess and to save you from the headache of looking out for a tiny piece of your favourite earrings. There are many options available online for accessories organisers, and let us tell you, it will be your best investment.

4. Name Tags and Placements are the Key

Once you have segregated your clothes and accessories into their respective organiser boxes, it is important to label them for easy track down. Else, you sure don’t want to opening up all the boxes each time to find your stuff. Having said that, we strongly recommend you to place your clothes at your convenience. For example, your daily stuff must be stored at your eye level and at your reach. Occasional wear can be stored in shelves below in covers. And seasonal/ once a while stuff can be placed in your upper lofts.

5. Uniformity

Well, it goes without saying that along with keeping your wardrobe neat, organised and tidy, it is also important to keep it uniform. Well you know, just for the overall look and feel. For that, you can use uniform storage covers or baskets, same hangers, same colour organisers etc. And if good smell is what makes you happy, you can even hang in your favourite freshener in the wardrobe. After all, when you are giving a make-over to your wardrobe, it should be a treat to the eyes and pleasing to your mood.

Hope these basic tips help you give a pleasant make-over to your wardrobe! If you have any ideas on how to make your storage convenient, do let us know in the comments below.

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